Meet our team

Meet our Experienced Multinational Team.

Meridian MMi is your point of access to relevant and experienced Direct Selling Industry professionals. This team, their associates and partners, have many years’ experience, successfully aligning talented individuals into key roles with some of the most respected Direct Selling corporations around the world.

Chris Fenna

+44 (0) 1202 699565

2013 saw Chris inducted into the UK Direct Selling Association's 'Hall of Fame' in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the industry - 40 years and counting! Having worked in diverse international Direct Selling companies at Vice President level, as well as running her own Direct Selling business, Chris brings unrivalled, cutting-edge experience and extensive key contacts to Meridian MMi. Yet it is her exceptional understanding of the needs and brief of her clients, combined with the support and high-level mentoring provided to candidates, which makes her recruitment and consultancy services stand out from the crowd.
Owner & CEO

Alessandro Ghidini

+39 (0) 335 128 33 63

Alessandro lends Meridian MMi his 30 years of professional experience with leading Direct Selling companies in Italy, Spain, and the UK. More recently, his consultancy projects have taken him around Europe, to Latin America and as far afield as China. His Economics background combined with general management knowledge delivers results for clients looking to expand, streamline and sustainably grow their businesses, particularly into southern Europe and Turkey. Meridian MMi fulfils any associated recruitment needs by aligning targeted candidates with these new opportunities.
Italy, Spain, Portugal & Turkey

Bartłomiej Feluś

Bart’s vast knowledge and competence, from over 20 years’ senior management experience within European manufacturing and Direct Selling organisations, place him in prime position when advising clients in central and eastern Europe. His professional experience, background in economics, and high-ranking industry, local and government connections ensure that his remains the first and only effective executive search Direct Selling and consulting organisation in Poland, Germany and the CEE regions.
Central & Eastern Europe

Jeremy Cosnefroy

Jeremy is a French national and has lived in Russia for many years. A finance graduate of both French and Russian universities, he developed and ran a MLM company in Russia for five years. In 2011, motivated by the sensational potential of Russia and the CIS countries, Jeremy founded the first executive search and consulting company dedicated to the direct selling industry in this region. In 2013 Jeremy enlarged his area of consulting by adding the French market.
Russia & France

Philippe Dailey

Philippe is currently Honorary President of the French Direct Selling Association, as well as one of the few WFDSA Hall of Fame members, recognised for his contribution to the Direct Selling industry. Most recently, in 2018, Philippe was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association. With 20 years professional experience, including leadership of two major Direct Selling companies in France, as well as previous positions within notable Direct Selling industry organisations, Philippe draws upon his extensive knowledge, experience and contacts to deliver consultancy projects for clients primarily in France and Belgium.

Vincenzo Giacalone

Having worked his way up to lead the commercial activities of a multi-national Direct Selling company, Vincenzo now focuses his energies on supporting other Direct Selling entities in Italy, particularly new start-ups. Vincenzo has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs of these Direct Selling businesses, and his focus on strategic planning, business development and sales management helps Meridian MMi clients to achieve their business goals.

André Engels

André has significant experience of directing and implementing corporate strategy at senior levels for Direct Selling companies operating within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His particular expertise lies in supporting Direct Selling start-ups, where his understanding of managing and motivating Direct Selling teams is invaluable in helping them bring new products to market and establishing the operational incentives required to support their new sales organisations.
Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Peter Knöll

Peter’s international management experience and understanding of operating Direct Selling businesses in German-speaking markets is vital to the service and direction that Meridian MMi provides to their clients and candidates. Peter uses a hands-on approach when working with large sales organisations to identify and implement strategic opportunities, including reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions.
Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Nathalie Coppola

As a former Vice-President of the French DSA with 25 years’ Direct Selling experience, predominantly across Europe but also ‘down-under’, Nathalie now focuses her energy on coaching current and future leaders to realise their highest performance, both personally and professionally. Her extensive experience in leadership positions across sales, marketing and operations enables Nathalie to guide senior management teams in defining, achieving and maintaining successful visions, strategies and momentum for their businesses.

Michael Norris

Michael has seen both sides of Direct Selling, having worked as a Senior Executive in leading Direct Selling companies for over 23 years, as well as developing a successful Direct Selling business of his own. His own multi-cultural background and language skills enable him to work effectively across North, Central and South America. Michael brings to Meridian MMi his significant experience and insight into recruiting for new market openings as well as for driving change and maximising results.
North, Central & South America

Betty Agraviador

30 years' senior management experience in Direct Selling enterprises across Australasia/AsiaPacific has given Betty a unique insight into identifying and delivering success in these markets. She appreciates the diversity required to realise that success, bringing her understanding into focus for new start-ups through strategic planning, executive team leadership and portfolio development. Her invaluable contacts help maintain a competitive edge for Meridian MMi in executive recruitment for the Direct Selling industry.
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Philippines